Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bathroom Renovation Must Haves - LED Mirrors

Are you renovating your bathroom?
The latest home design trend is to install an LED mirror into your bathroom. 
LED mirrors are an elegant and sophisticated way to brighten your bathroom, making make-up application easier too.

It is difficult to find room to fit a light fixture next to your mirror in most modern bathrooms. LED mirrors offer a space efficient and low power consumption option for your bathroom. It has a simple on off power button for when the mirror is not in use. 

Plumb’In Bathroom & Kitchen Factory Shop now has two different LED mirror designs on offer. 

Click below for more information about our LED mirrors:
Alpha Devon LED Mirror

Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to keep shower glass clean

Keeping your shower glass sparkly clean can sometimes be the most difficult thing when it comes to your bathroom. So we're about to reveal a few easy steps to help you achieve this.

1.       First of all we recommend putting a protective layer onto your shower glass. As this will seal the pores on the glass surface. There are many companies which offer this service in your local area, this can also be ordered at any of our Plumb’In stores.

2.       Squeegee your glass after use. A simple quick 5 second job which will save your shower glass from water stains.

3.       Weekly clean is also very important. Simply spray and wipe with any domestic glass cleaners available at your local supermarket. 

Don’t forget frequent cleaning is the key and will go a long way!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WELS - Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme | Plumb’In Bathroom

 So what is WELS rating?
WELS, short for Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, is a national New Zealand standard water rating. It allow consumer to compare the water efficiency between different products. This scheme provides a national standardise star rating system – the more star rating a product has, the more water efficient it is. Keeping in mind when purchasing a low pressure water product you might want to consider purchasing a product with a low star rating. As a low star rating on a low pressure product will provide more water flow.

WELS Star Rating Scheme
0 Stars                   >16                         (More than 16 litres/minute or failing performance requirements)
1 Star                     >12 to 16              (More than 12 l/m, but not more than 16 l/m)
2 Stars                   >9 to 12                (More than 9 l/m, but not more than 12 l/m)
3 Stars                   >7.5 to 9               (More than 7.5 l/m, but not more than 9 l/m)
4 Stars                   >6 to 7.5               (More than 6 l/m, but not more than 7.5 l/m)
5 Stars                   >4.5 to 6               (More than 4.5 l/m, but not more than 6 l/m)
6 Stars                   4.5 or less            (4.5 l/m or less)
NB:  For shower heads, the WELS scheme currently only allows for up to 3 stars

Monday, 16 June 2014

Vanity takes center stage

The vanity is the first thing people look at upon entering your bathroom. Therefore it is important to find the perfect one.

There are a large variety of vanities out in the market with different styles and materials used. In this issue we will discuss the key factors you should consider when choosing a vanity for your bathroom.

bathroom tips leon woodgrain bathroom vanityWhat materials should you choose?
As mentioned above vanities come in a variety of materials. The most important thing when it comes to choosing the right material for your bathroom vanity is durability.

Since the bathroom is a high moisture area, it is essential to choose materials that stand up to this. All of the Plumb’In white vanities come in triple coated lacquer paint finishes which make them moisture resistant.

Another key factor to check is that the vanity has a solid backboard. The backboard gives the vanity stability.

Surface area and Storagebathroom tips Leon 500 white bathroom vanity
Of course this is determined by the size of your bathroom but if you have the space it is a good idea to choose a vanity with a large counter top. This allows you to place your daily essential products right where you need them.

bathroom tips Puru 750mm bathroom mirror cabinetAnother factor to consider is storage, to hide those small items, keeping your bathroom clean and tidy. Plumb’In has a large selection of vanities on display with different counter top sizes and options, floor standing and wall hung cabinets and even bathroom furniture units.

All Plumb’In vanities come with extendable drawer runners and soft closing doors, which means you can pull the drawers right out to see the contents and no banging!

To optimise spacing in your bathroom, a good product to consider is a mirror cabinets, these are also have display in all of our stores.

Come check out the range of vanities available at Plumb'In. Click here to see our range.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bathroom Design Tips

Whether you're refreshing your bathroom or redesigning the whole lot, we've got some tips for you.

Paris storage.jpgDON'T FORGET STORAGE

When planning your bathroom remember bathrooms look best when they are sleek and minimal. Make sure you include plenty of fitted storage so all toiletries can be hidden from view. Wall mounted mirror cabinets and vanities are ideal for this and if theres enough space add bathroom storage units.


Neutral colours are always best in a bathroom using accessories such as towel rails, soap dispensers, glass shelves to decorated. Coloured towels and designer toiletries will inject personality into you bathroom and they also allow you to reinvent the look more affordably when you feel like a change.

Oblio.jpg TAPWARE

When spending money on your bathroom don’t skimp on the brassware. Tapware is important as it’s the working heart of the bathroom, and quality tapware is worth every cent. A handy hint to help protect this investment is install Isolator Filter stops these protect the ceramic disc of your tapware from small particles of dirt that can scratch the cartridge causing the tapware to leak.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

When choosing the right shower

When choosing a shower for your new bathroom or renovation you may be left confused by the vast array of shower enclosure shapes and sizes available. In order to make the most informed choice regarding your new shower enclosure, here are a couple of hints.

1. Space and shape:

The amount of space that you have available in your bathroom will often be the most important factor that determines which shower enclosure is suitable for you. A two or three sided square enclosure, or a different shape, curved, angled or rectangular.

The curved design sometimes known as the round front shower, offers an alternative to the angle corner enclosure. The doors slide open, either side into the surround for maximum access, and are ideal where space is a premium; you also get more space inside the shower as the rounded front allows for the full size of the shower tray.

2. Shower frames and handles:

Make sure the colour of your shower frame and door handle match the colours of the vanity handles and accessories, polished aluminium matched chrome tapware.

Also consider the shape of the handles, if you vanity has round bow handles then its good to have the same shape for your shower door handle.

Be sure to ask what the frames and handles are made of as some chrome finishes are only a painted finish. There is also the white frame option and these match most vanities.

3.Waste position:

Then last hint is the shower tray. Where possible choose a tray that has a corner waste as then you are not standing on the waste every time you shower restricting the amount of water that drains out.